“Five Minutes With” Vancouver Folk-Pop musician Kristina Lao

Kristina Lao is a trans-national, mixed race, interdisciplinary Artist-Advocate from Hong Kong. Passionate about socially-charged storytelling, her softly articulated Brit-lilt vocals float pensive melodies over breath-catching choruses. Influenced by Paul Simon, Regina Spektor, and Tracy Chapman, Lao is a fierce advocate for positive social change and activism. She is currently working on a full-length concept album with engineer and producer Karl Dicaire (Big Wreck, Danko Jones, Mother Mother).

Vancouver Folk-Pop musician Kristina Lao

Name: Kristina Lao

Genre: Folk-Pop

Founded: 2015

# of Albums: 1

Latest Release: What You Do In The Dark

Latest Single: Let’s Pretend

Latest Video:

Favourite musician as a teenager?

Paul Simon (mostly his work with Ladysmith Black Mambazo).

Favourite musician now?

Paul Simon (yep – still Paul Simon. I’m also the one who still plays OG Mariokart on Super Nintendo and eats ramen for dinner 3-4 times a week am NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BORED OF THEM).

Guilty Pleasure Song?

BTS Dynamite (except I’m not guilty – that song is GOLD)

Live Show Ritual?

Freak out at the number of people in the crowd, hide in the back to listen more invisibly (preferably in a dark corner. Wearing all black).

Favourite local artist?

Desireé Dawson (her new song Mountain Tops is essential listening for me right now).

EP or LP?

LP! Bring back the concept album PLEASE!

Early bird or night owl?

Tonight… both. Most days… uh… both?

Road or studio?

My official pandemic answer is GET ME ON ANY ROAD. I miss living out of my suitcase and not having to choose clothes by virtue of packing the most useless set of exactly unmatching items (and never enough socks – WHY WILL I NOT LEARN).

Any shows or albums coming up?

Can I promote us all trying to stop the world from being on fire (figuratively and literally)? Because that’s kind of important right now. Apart from that, I do have a show coming up with Locals Lounge – find them on IG at @localslounge for the announcement.

Favourite local Restaurant?

Homer St. Café (the best team, best service, and best food and beverages, hands down. Tell them I sent you – trust me, I LIVE THERE).

Favourite Street?

For some reason, I love W 7th Ave, near Choklit Park. I love how mismatched the houses are – every one is so different, and the trees line the streets so beautifully. Right now, there’s a section of it that houses a little fairy forest that some sweet soul sets up every single day. It’s magical to walk by, and so random. I like randomness.

Favourite Park?

David Lam (YES to the pilot program of drinking in the park responsibly).

Favourite Music Venue?

Argh hard to choose… I love Railway for the history, Beaumont Studios for versatility, The Woods for that grassroots show that nobody else knows about, and right now, the pilot programs that are activating spaces all over the city.

Favourite Vancouver Staple?

Burcu’s Angels. But only go there if you want to look EXTRA SUPER FABULOUS and have Burcu tell you what you’re going to buy and not buy. I’m not joking. Don’t mess with that lady.

Where can we follow you?

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | IMDB | Clubhouse