Interview with Vancouver Comedian Peter Carlone

We recently spoke with Vancouver comedian Peter Carlone who has a podcast called “This Time It’s Different” on The Sonar Network to find out more about him.

Peter Carlone
Peter Carlone

How would you describe your comedy style?

Honestly, as more years go by, I would say my humour is starting to develop into full on Dad humour. But If I had to pick what I WISH it was? Well I would say my comedy style is silly bits, mixed with sarcasm, and a little bit playing dumb.

Who are some of your influences?

Some of my early influences were Monty Python and the Three Stooges, then later on it became comedians like Pete Holmes, Derrick Comedy, and Futurama.

Who was your favourite comedian growing up?

As a kid, I think my favourite comedian would have been Robin Williams. I mean go back in time and ask MOST north american kids, and you’ll get that answer. I mean come on, Robin Williams was the NORTH STAR for kids friendly comedy.

Who is your favourite comedian now?

Oooooh, TOUGH Question. What is this, gotcha journalism? What are you trying to make me CRY right now? Because I will. I can. On command, like actors can do. Ummm, for standup, I really like James Acaster or Tig Notaro. For sketch style stuff? EASILY Tim Robinson. Do yourselves a favour and devour “I think You Should Leave” on Netflix right now. If you like it, and laugh extra friggin hard at “the bones are their money” then I think we will be good friends. Call me.

What is your pre-show ritual?

Before a live show, Chris and I usually go to the washroom. We get really nervous, and assure each other that everything is going to be okay. Honestly, one of my big pre show rituals is being calm and quiet… I’m REAL bad to talk to before a show because I am low energy and distracted, I really just want to be alone (or with Chris, awwww) before a show.

What is your favourite place you have performed? Why?

I love every city and all my wonderful fans! Wow, great engagement metrics, Peter. But I will NEVER forget performing in the Toronto Fringe, at the Randolph Theatre – our shows were selling out and the laughs in that theatre are just SO WARM, you can just bathe in them. Really clean off your filthy body in those sweet sweet laughs.

What is your favourite medium for listening or finding new comics/comedians?

I’ve been finding lots of success through youtube! Follow the right people, and you’ll be led to some new and funny stuff like Joel Haver. IF you follow the wrong people? Then you’ll learn about how lizard people control the world. Fun stuff!

Do you have anything to promote right now?

Yes! Please listen to my podcast “This Time It’s Different” on The Sonar Network or your podcast machine, OR on youtube, by searching for “Peter n’ Chris”!

Where can we follow you?

I’m usually around main street and 13th ave, but I kind of feel like this is an inappropriate request, and would rather you not encourage people to follow me. Like, live your own life you know what I mean?

PAY IT FORWARD: Who is another local comic/comedian we should know about?

NO. I refuse to pay it forward. I’m a brave man who has achieved everything in life without ANYONE’s help. I am an island and need no one. BUT if you MUST, then go check out “Coupon Book” at the Little Mountain Gallery!

Tell us a joke.

The American healthcare system, amirite people?? Hahah no but seriously, that whole country maybe?