“Five Minutes With” Vancouver Indie Artist Zoey Leven

Zoey Leven is a 21-year-old Indie artist from Vancouver, BC. From the age of 3, Zoey has grown up surrounded by a musical family, learning piano from her Aunt and Musical theatre from her cousin, all while engaging in local talent competitions showcasing her original songs and developing her striking stage presence. She also went to music school where she learned production and music business.

With 1 energetic new single out and another on the way, Zoey continues to work on writing and recording new songs filled with teenage nostalgia and the awkward stages of entering adulthood. She is currently playing various band and acoustic shows throughout Vancouver and has exciting plans to develop an album for release in 2023.

With the hope of creating a voice for the LGBTQ community and others trying to find their place, Zoey aims to be a successful recording artist, defying stereotypes and expectations with her androgynous look and passionate voice.

Zoey Leven


Zoey Leven


Indie Pop



# of Albums:


Latest Album:


Latest Single:

I Feel Like A Loser

Latest Video:

Favourite musician growing up:

Selena Gomez during her Disney era, also Hozier

Favourite musician now:


Guilty pleasure song:

Does Your Mother Know by ABBA

Live show ritual:

Rewarding myself with late-night McDonald

Favourite local musician:

Peach Pit!

EP or LP?:


Early bird or night owl?

Definitely Night Owl

Road or studio?

Studio (for now)

Any shows or albums coming up?:

I just released a new single called Pretty Girl! There’s also a music video on Youtube that my partner and I made together

Where can we follow you?:



Rapid Fire Vancouver Qs

Favourite local restaurant:

Sing Sing

Favourite street in your city:

Main Street because of all the cool shops and murals

Favourite park in your city:

Trout Lake. I live 5 minutes away and it’s the perfect leisurely bike ride

Favourite music venue in your city:

My favourite to play at right now is the Railway (it’s a classic). My favourite to go see music is the Commodore Ballroom

Favourite music store in your city:

Neptoon Records! Don’t go as much as I used to, but they heavily support local artists however they can 🙂



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