“Five Minutes With” Vancouver rock band, Kamikaze Nurse

Kamikaze Nurse is a rock band formed in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 2018 with KC Wei, Ethan Reyes, Sonya Eui, and John Brennan. Named after activist-philosopher Simone Weil’s unfulfilled humanitarian death wish, the band released their debut LP, Bucky Fleur, on Agony Klub in June 2019. Their music has been described as “ethereal skronk,” “Deleuzian rock,” and “best of the ‘90s” by people on the internet and IRL. Their sophomore album, Stimuloso, will be released by Mint Records in June 2022.

Kamikaze Nurse’s evocative integration of melody and noise, along with their interests in poetry, film, and literature, creates a narrative world in which the songs grow to have their own internal logic, reaching beyond genres and conventions. In 2020, amidst the first wave of the pandemic, the band self-recorded the instruments for their sophomore album, Stimuloso, at their jam space over the course of 6 months. Vocals were completed at Raincity Recorders over a weekend, and the album was mixed by Greg Saunier (Deerhoof), who gave Stimuloso its swagger and tooth. While Bucky Fleur established the band’s sound as defiant, fiery, and fierce, Stimuloso takes risks in writerly compositions and playful introspection.

Kamikaze Nurse


Kamikaze Nurse





# of Albums:

2: Bucky Fleur LP (Agonyklub, 2019 – cassette, digital); Stimuloso LP (Mint Records, 2022, — digital, CD, vinyl, limited cassette)

Latest Album:


Latest Single:

Boom Josie (March 23); Come From Wood (April 19)

Latest Video:

Favourite musician growing up:

John: Sonic Youth
KC: yeah yeah yeahs
Ethan: born ruffians
Sonya: IDK maybe pixies?

Favourite musician now:

John: Deerhoof
KC: fortunato durutti marinetti
Ethan: Pinegrove
Sonya: k-pop superstars TWICE

Guilty pleasure song:

Ethan: there is no such thing
KC: agreed!
John: agreed
Sonya: agreed

Live show ritual:

John: non
Ethan: poop before playing as the rest of the band is setting up
KC: bilabial trills
Sonya: complaining about everything

Favourite local musician:

John: Shearing Pinx
Ethan: n/a
KC: house wind
Sonya: yep

EP or LP?

Everyone: LP!

Early bird or night owl?

Ethan: early burd, I have a full-time labour job…
KC: early bird
Sonya: neither
John: Both

Road or studio?

KC: Studio, all day I dream of Scott Walker
Ethan: Road
Sonya: Studio
John: Road

Any shows or albums coming up?

Album release / Tour kick-off show June 9th at Red Gate Arts Society

Where can we follow you?

Instagram | Twitter


Rapid Fire Vancouver Qs

Favourite local restaurant:

Ethan: Heirloom Vegetarian probably
John: Green Lettuce
KC: samurai sushi (on Davie)
Sonya: Marulilu Cafe or Green Lettuce

Favourite street in your city:

Ethan: Adanac cause I grew up there basically
John: Wall Street, that’s where my first studio was when I moved here.
KC: the Arbutus greenway cuz it’s nice
Sonya: Kingsway is the only right answer

Favourite park in your city: 

Ethan: Sadly dude chilling because it’s where my friends go
KC: Quilchena Park, has a Euro vibe to me IDK why
Sonya: Brewers Park because it’s right by Kingsway, which is the best street
John: Little Big Beach. Fun bike ride and no one ever hangs there for some reason so it’s usually pretty quiet even though it’s right beside Kits beach.

Favourite music venue in your city:

Ethan: red gate sadly
KC: Red Gate
Sonya: alas, Red Gate
John: Red Gate

Favourite music store in your city:

Ethan: horses
KC: noodles
Sonya: that weird guy who fixes amps on the sidewalk by Kingsgate Mall
John: Rufus Drums



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