Homegrown Business: Vivian McCormick, Co-Founder of Flax Home

Flax Home is a local Vancouver business that makes linen essentials for your home. We had the chance to catch up with Vivian McCormick, Co-Founder of Flax Home, to find out more about them.

Flax Home

What is your business called and what does it do?

Flax Home makes linen home essentials that make your life better. We are a direct-to-consumer brand that brings comfort to your home with our linen Sleep, Bathe and Cook collections.

What made you want to do this work?

We’re first-time entrepreneurs who found ourselves looking at a gap in the Canadian market for a product we really loved. While we lacked entrepreneurial experience, we really believed more people needed to sleep in linen bedding, and that we could figure out how to get it to them in a better way than traditional retail.

What problem did you want to solve with the business?

Bedding made from linen (as opposed to cotton as one example) is not new, but a simple and curated buying experience for Canadians without the pain of huge retail markups or unpredictable costs that add up when buying outside of Canada did not exist.

Who are your clientele/demographics?

Our customers span generations and now come from throughout North America. We’re here to serve consumers who want to invest in quality products that improve their lives, from better sleep to functional tableware.

How does your business make money? How does it work?

We’re a digitally native brand, so we sell primarily to our customers online and ship orders directly to their doors. We’re excited this month to be opening our first showroom in Vancouver, to enhance the customer experience for those who would like to visit us in person.

Flax Home

Where in the city can we find your profession?

Our showroom and headquarters are located in East Vancouver, but we can also be found online 24/7.

What is the best question a prospective customer could ask a member of your profession when comparing services? Give the answer as well.

Why linen?

It has a number of different characteristics that make it a superior material for home essentials – it is ultra-breathable and temperature regulating (great for both hot and cold sleepers), quick-drying (perfect for bath towels not getting that musty smell) and sustainably produced using less water and energy than other material.

What is the best part about what you do? What is the worst part?

Being an entrepreneur is a wild roller coaster ride, that is indisputable. The best part is getting to work every day on a venture that is bringing comfort into people’s homes. The worst part is never feeling like I’ve done enough!

Where can we follow you?

Website | Instagram

PAY IT FORWARD: What is another local business that you love?

Flourist, purveyor of the best traceable grains, beans and freshly milled flours, who also happen to be our neighbours!



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