“A Day In The Life” with figurative artist and portrait sculptor Louise Solecki Weir

The sculptures of Louise Solecki Weir reflect the preoccupation with the human form that both inspires and underpins her work. The earthy quality of the clay reflects the temporal nature of life while contrasting with the aspirational and timeless qualities with which Louise imbues all her work.

Louise’s ability to draw from her medium an intimacy with her subject inspires in me a sense of the sacred and untouchable quality inherent in all human life. Louise has always had a deeply personal relationship with style, a relationship that is reflected not only in the intimate quality of her art but in her personal style –down-to-earth elegance– and in her home, where she combines elements of both the traditional and the modern, a blend that, like Louise herself, is both impressive and inviting. A warm and substantial figure in the lives of her friends and family, Louise Solecki Weir is a gifted artist with a compassionate and generous spirit.

-Written by Kimberley McLean, Art writer and friend

Louise Solecki Weir
Heading out for a day in the Life
Louise Solecki Weir
Certificate of completion of a master class in forensic sculpting with Karen T Taylor, 2019
Louise Solecki Weir
Beginning a new work
Working on Plaster Casts
Two Claudias that went to galleries in the U.S. I’m exporing limited editions
My Husband Greg, and 3 of my 4 children, Daniel, Rosie and David, the eldest is travelling
Lullaby for Earth and Sky is current series I am working on. This is Opus 6
Louise Sculpting Saint John Paul II in 2014. Photo by: Alex Waber
Louise Solecki Weir
Finishing a Clay Portrait of a Young Man


Which ‘hood are you in?

I was born and raised on Vancouver’s West Side, and I’m privileged to still live in the area. My home is situated at a convergence of Dunbar, Kitsilano and Point Grey, with a view of the Pacific Ocean at Jericho Beach Park, which exists as it does today in large part thanks to the efforts of my late mother in the 1960s when plans to build a four-lane highway on the property alarmed local residents. The neighbourhood can’t be beaten for walking and the local shops are top-notch. I have a standing date with my husband Greg on Saturday mornings for a stroll along West Broadway, where we invariably check out the deals at Sally Ann and stop in for a cheeky treat at Thomas Haas.

My studio is located in Vancouver’s historic Strathcona neighbourhood at the (in)famous 1000 Parker.

What do you do?

I like to spend a part of each day at my studio. My main focus is on portraits and sculptures with a human component. Reference points for the creation of my work are varied and consist of photographs, cast skulls, live models, and of course, my imagination. While sculpting takes up the majority of my time as an artist, other aspects of my work focus on promotion and presentation. Sharing images of completed works on artist websites, exhibition entries, promotional materials and social media is an important element of the contemporary art world. I sometimes photograph my own pieces, but there are times when I employ a professional photographer to ensure a polished presentation. When participating in gallery exhibitions I also have to write about my work, as well as package and deliver it locally, and occasionally shipping to the US or overseas.

What are you currently working on?

As of this writing, I am working on repairs to a piece that was damaged by a fall and preparing some work that is headed to The Collins Gallery near Cape Cod. I have recently completed two portraits and I’m looking forward to getting started on a new work for my Lullaby for Earth and Sky series.

Where can we find your work?

You can view my larger-than-life statue of Saint John Paul II outside the Catholic Archdiocese in Vancouver. A portrait of Chief Justice Allan McEachern is on display at the Vancouver Law Courts, and I have worked at the D. Anthony Gallery Wausau, Wisconsin. As mentioned above, my work will soon be displayed in the Collins Gallery near Cape Cod. My studio is located on the 4th floor (410) of 1000 Parker St.

You can also view my work on Instagram, and on my website.



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