“A Day in The Life” with Vancouver-based NFB artist karla monterrosa

karla monterrosa is described by her friends as an artistic genius and 90-Day Fiancé fanatic. (Yes, she realizes there are problematic elements to both descriptors.)

Born and raised in El Salvador, she currently resides in Vancouver where she hones her vibrant and expressive visual style—typically derived from her lived experience.

She likes awkward body things as much as she likes celebrating her birthday: All The Time.

Written by Cassie Barradas – Karla’s closest friend and comedy partner

Napping with my little dog, Bailey
Discussing some framing choices with a client – I always wear a hat on video calls if my hair is a mess!
karla monterrosa
Accidentally matched outfits with my friend Cassie!
karla monterrosa
I attended SIGGRAPH this year – my favourite animation and computer graphics conference! I have been involved with SIGGRAPH for many years, and my friend Candice is now on the creative development committee. It’s a great place to chat about animation and make new connections.
karla monterrosa
Out for a hike with my partner Joanne
karla monterrosa
Taking a little break from cleaning and putting furniture together by going over some storyboards for a new film!
I was able to attend the premiere of my film Lo 100to at Fantasia Film Festival!
My film was in such great company at the screening – I was humbled to be in the selection with so many great filmmakers.


Which ‘hood are you in?

After having lived in East Van for many years, I recently relocated to Richmond. I enjoy the flat roads for long bike rides, the food at the public market, and living very close to my favourite banh mi.

What do you do?

I’m a cartoonist and a comedian. I draw, design, animate, and tell jokes.

What are you currently working on?

I have multiple projects at once, and I love them all equally! I’m currently working on a picture book, a short film, and developing a series pitch. I am also doing freelance projects, going for bike rides, and learning Mandarin.

Where can we find your work?

My latest short film, Lo 100to, is now available on Youtube.

Otherwise, you can find my work and my favourite memes on my Instagram and my website.



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