The Best of Brunch and Beyond at Boulevard

Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar just launched a brand new weekend brunch menu. It features a mix of breakfast and brunch classics, as well as past customer favourites, and Boulevard staples like their signature seafood tower.

Innovative and Elevated

Boulevard mimosas

The first brunch classic that Boulevard puts their spin on is the mimosa. Their Signature Frozen Flower Mimosa is without question the most beautiful I have ever seen. The fruit puree is pressed into the shape of a flower. The mango sunflower is infused with saffron and elderflower, while the raspberry rose has a touch of Aperol. The champagne bubbles gradually break down the fruit puree, creating a drink that changes with every sip, and finishes tasting like a luxurious, champagne-infused smoothie.

Boulevard’s Breakfast of Champions

Boulevard is known for their seafood tower which is a feature on their dinner menu. It comes loaded with a seafood sampling for two people or four. I love seeing outside the box items on a brunch menu, and with the seafood tower, Boulevard is playing to their strengths. I have a sneaking suspicion that oysters are, in fact, the breakfast of champions.

seafood tower at Boulevard

The seafood tower comes with fresh Fanny Bay oysters as well as a shallot mignonette, a classic cocktail sauce, and a Thai chilli espuma. The citrus notes and subtle spice of the espuma compliment the oysters well and the textural combination of the foam and the fresh oyster is particularly pleasing.

The tower also comes with chilled mussels from Cortes Island, snow crab legs, prawns, and nori wrapped steelhead with yuzu dashi gel. The seafood at Boulevard is exceptionally fresh, and it is always a treat to enjoy such high quality ingredients more or less unadulterated. With that said, the saucy mussel escabèche with carrots and onion was the best pairing for the taro chips served with the tower. There are also a couple of smaller portions of other menu items on the tower, including the Crab Louie and the Tuna Tataki with ponzu vinaigrette.

Now depending who you are and who’re with, a couple of mimosas and a seafood tower feast might be all you need for brunch but, at Boulevard, it’s only the tip of the culinary iceberg.

The Best of Boulevard’s Brunch

An adorable miniature of the Crab Louie Salad comes with the seafood tower but you can also order the full sized version as a brunch entree. The Louie salad is a West Coast classic that is one of my absolute favourite ways to showcase local Dungeness crab. Boulevard’s comes with avocado, iceberg lettuce, and a gooey soft boiled egg.

Dungeness crab Louie

The Steak and Eggs is a hearty, protein rich brunch option. Guests can choose between hanger or prime striploin which is served with a savoury and rich red wine jus and sunny side up fried eggs.

While the seafood tower is undeniably stunning and beautifully presented, the Lobster Thermidor is the true showstopper of Boulevard’s brunch menu. The lobster is baked smothered in a béchamel sauce and gruyère cheese, and, because it’s brunch, the whole thing comes with two poached eggs on top.

lobster thermidor at Boulevard with poached eggs

Scallops, Boba, and Other Indulgences

Seared Hokkaido Scallops with thousand island hollandaise are considered a For the Table sharing item. They are listed alongside potatoes and pork sausages. The scallop was one of the best things I ate and now I’m going to wonder why I can’t get scallops as well as a side of bacon at brunch more often.

Another must-try is the BLVD House Bubble Tea. The mix of milk tea and espresso will perk you up, especially if 43 Creek and Kahlua are added as well.

Chef Kenta's dessert at Boulevard

Dessert at Boulevard is the realm of Executive Pastry Chef Kenta Takahashi. Chef Kenta was recently awarded the 2023 Best Pastry Chef in Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants. You can sample a small or large selection of what are called Indulgences that change seasonally. Each one is an edible piece of art. We got to try the hazelnut mousse, the apricot mousse, a strawberry frisée with clear tuile, a passionfruit chocolate bon bon, the blueberry and lavender ganache, a slice of opera cake, strawberry cheesecake, a chocolate eclair, and a jasmine pavlova. My favourite was the lemon buttercream with fresh blueberries. It has an elderflower jelly inside, and is decorated with sparkling edible silver leaf.

The edible silver illustrates what Boulevard does with their brunch menu: they go over and above to add something special. From the espuma to the yuzu gel to the brown sugar boba, every flavour detail has been considered.

Boulevard serves brunch on weekends from 11:30am to 2pm.


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