Sweet Cherry Almond Smoothie Recipe from Emily von Euw

Emily von Euw sent us this week’s recipe for Sweet Cherry Almond Smoothie so our readers could try it at home. The recipe comes from their book “125 Best Juices…”.

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Sweet Cherry Almond Smoothie
Reprinted with permission from 125 Best Juices, Smoothies and Healthy Snacks by Em von Euw, Page Street Publishing, Co. 2021. Photo credit: Em von Euw.

Sweet Cherry Almond Smoothie

This tastes even better than it sounds.


-1 cup (155 g) frozen cherries

-1 orange

-1 cup (237 ml) basic mylk (page 214) made with almonds

-3 pitted dates

-1 banana

Blend it all up and slurp it down!



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