Old Photographs of Restaurants in Vancouver (Gallery)

The City of Vancouver Archives are a great resource for those looking to find out about the city’s past or for those just looking to browse some incredible images from the city’s past 200 years or so.

The archivists “…ensure that these records are preserved so that future researchers, historians, and anyone interested in the story of Vancouver and its citizens can access these valuable primary and secondary sources.”

Old Photographs of Restaurants in Vancouver (Gallery)
1880?-Interior of Cosmopolitan Hotel restaurant and oyster bar.

The images on the site date back to the 1800s and it can be a lot of fun browsing them, especially while searching for specific keywords. “Restaurants” for example showed us a wide range of images spanning over 100 years. The images showed both street views as well as interiors of the many restaurants that provided the city of Vancouver’s residents with places to eat, drink, socialize, and entertain. Here are some of the examples we found.

Old Photographs of Restaurants in Vancouver (Gallery)
1887-Exterior of the White Swan Hotel and American Restaurant – S.W. corner of Seymour and Cordova Streets.
Old Photographs of Restaurants in Vancouver (Gallery)
1898-A group of men and children in front of the Acadia Restaurant at the corner of Abbott Street and Trounce Alley.
Old Photographs of Restaurants in Vancouver (Gallery)
1900?-Exterior of the Rendezvous Restaurant at 620 Hastings Street.
Old Photographs of Restaurants in Vancouver (Gallery)
1900?-Interior of unidentified restaurant.
1925-1945- Interior of unidentified restaurant and confectioners.
1931-Thorpe’s truck (delivering to La Fonda Restaurant at 2731 West 4th Avenue).
1936-Man standing outside shallow building at Pender and Carrall Streets.
1940-The Dolphins Restaurant on Southwest Marine Drive.
1941?-Hope B.C. Station and railcar restaurant.
1943-Reading News Herald at Henri’s Restaurant.
1946-Verandah restaurant at Cliffhouse.
1950?-Exterior of P.N.E. Restaurant and Cafeteria.
1960-1980- Bamboo Terrace Restaurant at 155 East Pender Street.
1961-“Lady Alexandra” Restaurant.
1969-“Fanfair to Japan” 1969 PNE (Aki Restaurant).
1970-Schnitzel House Restaurant on Robson Street.
1972-1974- Mexicorner and Hotel Cambie.
1972-Freybe’s Bavarian Restaurant concession.
1974-Naam Natural Foods Restaurant at 2722 West 4th Avenue.
1975-Frisby’s Railcar Restaurant, Carrall Street.
1975?-Ming’s Restaurant at 147 East Pender Street.
1976-Lion dancers outside Foo’s Chop Suey Restaurant.
1977?-Ming’s Restaurant at 147 East Pender Street.
1978-PW’s Beef & Brew restaurant.
1981-Mets Chinois Style Gourmet restaurant exterior in Montreal Chinatown.
1982-Restaurant patio on Granville Island.
1985-Sky’s Restaurant at 1636 West Broadway.
1986-Phnom Penh Restaurant on 200 block East Georgia Street.
1986-Storefront of ABC Restaurant, a new business in Vancouver Chinatown.


To check out the Vancouver Archives and their incredible gallery of old photographs and documents, visit their website HERE.