Charitable Choices: Rianna Fiorante, Marketing Manager at HUB Cycling

Established in 1998, HUB Cycling is a Vancouver not-for-profit organization whose goal is to encourage more people to cycle more frequently by making cycling more appealing to everyone through events, actions and education. We spoke with Rianna Fiorante, Marketing Manager at HUB Cycling to learn more about them.

HUB Cycling

Describe your charity/non-profit in a few sentences.

HUB Cycling makes cycling better through research, education, action, and events. More people cycling means healthier, happier, more connected communities. HUB Cycling is leading the way in making cycling an attractive transportation choice for everyone.

HUB Cycling is a charitable non-profit that has spent over two decades removing barriers to cycling in Metro Vancouver while cultivating the health, environmental, and economic benefits that active transportation can bring. HUB Cycling has educated thousands of people, motivated thousands more, and championed improvements that benefit current and future bike commuters.

What problem does it aim to solve?

HUB Cycling aims to #UnGapTheMap and creates a safe and connected cycling network in Metro Vancouver that is accessible to people of all ages and abilities. We also focus on making cycling accessible to people from marginalized and racialized communities through various education programs such as our Newcomer Bike Mentorship Program and Greenest City Biking Program. HUB Cycling is also a leading educator in cycling education for youth, taking
elementary school cycling education from zero to almost 8,000 students this past year through HUB’s Everyone Rides Grade 4-5 Program.

When did you start/join it?

I joined HUB Cycling in July 2019. I’ve been working for HUB for just over three years.

What made you want to get involved?

I love that HUB Cycling works to build happier, healthier, more connected communities. Ultimately, I think the organization creates more meaningful and fulfilling lives for people by promoting cycling. I also love working with friendly and supportive co-workers that are passionate about one of my favourite activities: cycling!

What was the situation like when you started?

When I started at HUB Cycling, we provided bike education to about 10,500 students in Metro Vancouver every year. We also recently completed the State of Cycling in Metro Vancouver research report. We were about a 20-person staff team.

How has it changed since?

Today, our Bike Education programming has significantly expanded with over 14,000 kids trained annually by HUB Cycling from Metro Vancouver, to Victoria and Kelowna areas, with the West Kootenays up next in the expansion.

Our research team has recently completed a few new reports, including an update to the State of Cycling GIS bike route data in Metro Vancouver, research to explore Cycling Equity in Older Buildings and a new report about Making the Case for Cycle Highways in Metro Vancouver.

HUB Cycling has also significantly expanded our cycling programs serving marginalized and racialized communities, including the introduction of a specialized cycling course for the Katzie First Nation and the expansion of the Newcomer Bike Mentorship Program. Our team has also grown in size, with about 30 head-office staff members.

This year, HUB Cycling also formed a new Youth Advisory Committee to engage youth in getting more young people, particularly high-school and university-aged people, to ride their bikes more often.

HUB Cycling

What more needs to be done?

We have made progress in creating a more connected cycling network but more work still needs to be done. HUB Cycling is working to #UnGaptheMap, connecting cycling networks so people feel comfortable cycling to their destinations. You can see the progress in our groundbreaking State of Cycling report, completed in partnership with TransLink and all Metro Vancouver municipalities.

We are also working on increasing cycling among groups that may face social, cultural, and/or financial barriers to cycling so that everyone can see cycling as a great way to get around.

We also have a goal of providing universal cycling education to all children in British Columbia before they finish school, equipping a whole generation with the knowledge and skills to choose active transportation.

We will continue to work towards a region with no road-related deaths, a project known as Vision Zero, through advocacy to improve the Motor Vehicle Act legislation, education and safer infrastructure.

And of course, we will continue to deliver and expand our events and programming to bring the
joy and convenience of cycling to people of all ages and abilities!

How can our readers help?

Readers can help by becoming a lifetime HUB Cycling member for as little as $10 by signing up at The more members we have, our voice is stronger when we advocate for cycling improvements. We also have 11 volunteer Local Committees across Metro Vancouver where members meet monthly to discuss how to make cycling safer and better in their communities. No experience is required to join! To learn more, visit

Do you have any events coming up?

Yes! Our popular summer Bike to Shop event returns to Metro Vancouver from August 13-21, 2022. Local businesses in 11 neighbourhoods across Metro Vancouver are offering amazing freebies, sweet deals and some awesome prizes for people biking to their businesses. During the event, bike to different neighbourhoods to claim some sweet deals and win prizes, including a share of $2,000 to spend at Simons at Park Royal, $500 worth of Aritzia gift cards or up to $500 in TransLink Compass Cards! We’ll share tips and tricks on how to carry your groceries home by bike, where to find secure bike parking, and how to find safe bike routes to shopping destinations. Registration is 100% free! Participants can register at

Where can we follow you?

Folks can get involved with HUB Cycling by subscribing to our newsletter to stay up to date on cycling-related news and events. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

PAY IT FORWARD: What is an awesome local charity/non-profit that you love?

The BC Cycling Coalition (BCCC)! They are a non-profit, member-driven society founded in 1998 (the same year as HUB Cycling) to provide a voice for cycling in the Province of British Columbia. They’ve put together a great Bike Sense Manual with easy-to-comprehend and helpful information about cycling safety, cycling education, bike parking, route planning and more. Check out the BC Cycling Coalition at