“A Day in the Life” with architect, artist and teacher Sepideh Zakeri

I remember once Sepideh Zakeri said: “I started being a painter, only when I learned “everyone” can paint.” So, she paints simple and free, in a way you think this is a natural daily thing to do every day.

Watching her art, I can say Sepideh is a full-time audience for untold stories of everything around her, and her art is the way she tells those stories.

For her, I don’t see any limit in art materials. Sepideh Zakeri narrates her stories drawing on everything she feels right, ranging from a canvas, and an apron to a Christmas bulb or a lamp. She is not following any rules in her creation. She sets her own lines and rules and that’s what makes her a special friend and what makes her art unique. I mean, anyone can make you a scarf and give it to you as a present, but not everyone can embed her story and your story in a scarf, playing with colours, trying to give meaning to everything about that scarf. Yes, this is how I fell in love with my lovely red scarf!

If you go on a hike with her, you see how amazed she is by the shapes, colours, light and geometry in nature. No surprise that she studied architecture and teaches “Geometry art” to children. While working with children (including my own little son), I have seen her having this approach to “learn” from them and just helping them to find their own way to express what they see, think and feel.

Regarding her paintings and exhibitions, the portrait is one of her favourites; expressing people’s feelings in detail of their faces. On the other hand, in her no-face personages, you see a deep sense of womanliness, usually, holding a pomegranate in hand, telling a story you can never hear in words. A warm nice story that makes me want to embrace the woman inside myself, holding all of her sorrows and hopes.

Written by Baran Asghari, Friend, Photographer

In my little cozy studio
We (Iranians) have a specific name (and feeling) for the longest night of winter; Yalda. This night has a sense of poetry in it, which makes me spend pure quality time on it every year.
This is my “Leonard Cohen Portraits” exhibition in Montreal.
If you just walk in Montreal, you will see how much people love this big man. I felt it very well in that one month exhibition.
“Geometry art” class. We were learning the story of Warm and Cold triangles.
This painting was a commission. The subject was a poem from a famous Iranian Poet, Sohrab Sepehri. (Photo by Baran Asghari)
A collection of my 3 Piece paintings. I make 3 Piece works simply when one piece is not enough to tell the story.
A collection of my small paintings which are, mostly, inspired by last beautiful spring in Montreal.


Which ‘hood are you in?

I live in Yaletown Vancouver.

What do you do?

I have a master in Architecture. Currently, I am working for a Lighting company as an industrial designer and work on my art projects and commissions.

What are you currently working on?

Right now I am working on a new collection of paintings which will be presented as an exhibition first and then on the websites to sell. Actually, I am challenging myself with this new project which is to express “the deepest emotions of human being” in “colours” and “shapes”.

I am also working on my Children’s book named “Luna does not like dinosaurs”. The story of this book also concentrates on confusion about feelings. I mean, why someone should not like dinosaurs? Right? We will see… Paintings in the book are digital illustrations and basically, they will tell the whole story.

Where can we find your work?

On my website, Instagram, YouTube, my ETSY shop or my SAATCHI page.



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