“A Day in the Life” with Vancouver-based Visual Artist Samira Sukhatme

Samira Sukhatme is a Vancouver-based painter, illustrator, and muralist. Her artistic expression began in her home country of India, translating the landscapes of Mumbai and the tropics of Goa into highly textured, colour-filled compositions. With a background in architecture, Samira continues to be influenced by the environments of her youth, and now also draws inspiration from the verdant landscapes of British Columbia. Elements of brutalism, mid-century design, and local flora and fauna are commonly referenced in her work and convey the reverence she has for the places that continue to shape her.

Guided by a strong belief in sustainability, Sukhatme presents nature in her own unique way, inviting viewers to fall in love with the natural world through her eyes. Her process begins with sketches, followed by a careful selection of colours. With these preparatory stages complete, she systematically layers paint, pastel, thread, and paper, resulting in pleasing textures and vivid hues that invite contemplation.

Sukhatme’s work has been featured in Society Interiors, Art Seen, Create Magazine and Shop Local Canada. She has exhibited in group shows throughout Vancouver. Most recently, her paintings were featured in the three-person juried exhibition, Interruption, at the Kay Meek Centre in West Vancouver.

-Written by Christina Peressini, friend

Samira Sukhatme
Adding finishing touches to my piece ‘Ethereal Encounters’. Photo by: Tina Kulic
Samira Sukhatme
Collaborative photoshoot with friend and photographer Pankaj Anand with one of my paintings projected in the background.
Taking advantage of the sunlight in my studio while working on a landscape.
At the Pre-Culture Crawl Event in my studio at Eastside Atelier.
A work in progress of my mural at the office of Covalent Research and Development at Metrotown Burnaby.
A view of the complete mural at the office of Covalent Research and Development at Metrotown Burnaby.
Samira Sukhatme
Adding a coat of varnish to a piece before it goes to its owner.
Samira Sukhatme
A view of my studio during the Eastside Culture crawl.


Which hood are you in?

My Studio is at Eastside Atelier in East Van and I live in Burnaby.

What do you do?

I make art inspired by nature and architecture.

What are you currently working on?

I’m creating a body of work to be showcased at the Interior Design Show later this year.

Where can we find your work?

The best place to find my work is in my studio at Eastside Atelier. Email me to plan a visit. You can also check out my website and Instagram.


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