“A Day in the Life” with Vancouver Artist Elizabeth Cross

Elizabeth Cross is a Vancouver, Canada-based contemporary abstract artist. Cross is a flamboyant artist that has a passion for all that is love. She is passionate about being in love and how the simple act of love can make your heart swell and overflow. Her art is an expression of her fascination with love and her passionate love of nature. Her floral pieces use vibrant colours (red, orange, blue and yellow) and texture (created by the use of heavy paint and modelling gels), to depict the tenderness, yet powerfulness of the beauty of floral botanicals. With striking colours, she also uses the simplicity of black and white in some of her pieces. The use of black and white gives her pieces a glamorous look that seems to jump off the canvas. Cross also paints abstract faces which are painted with knives, spoons and brushes. All of the botanicals and faces she creates are purely figments of her imagination.

Elizabeth Cross has a Master’s Degree in Bio-Resource Engineering (Environmental) and has worked for various corporations helping them to improve their environmental footprints and associated risks. Her love and utmost respect for nature come ferociously through the art she creates. Cross has 3 children and balances family life with her reverent passion for art.

Elizabeth Cross
We have a sheep in the front yard that my husband moves around and dresses up. Neighbours love it.
Elizabeth Cross
Pressure of the universe 48″ x 36″
Elizabeth Cross
Poverty 30″ x 36″
Loves quest 36″ x 24″
Liz with paint brush
A yellow piece that I created
A black and white piece that I created (was on a bus stop and street banner)
Elizabeth Cross
A face I painted out of my imagination

Which ’hood are you in?

I live in the beautiful and quaint area of Kerrisdale, which is on Vancouver’s west side. Kerrisdale is filled with amazing restaurants and shops. I love to walk in Kerrisdale as there is always so much action happening, I love it as you can have Vietnamese food, Greek food, bubble tea, Starbucks and Dairy Queen – and so much more, all on the same day.

What do you do?

I am an artist, but also run a boutique sustainability consulting firm to help small businesses become more environmentally and socially responsible. I am passionate about nature and humans’ impact on climate change. Working in the area of sustainability helps to fuel the passion I have for the art I create.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently in the midst of creating some pieces for Stock Home Design, a wonderful interior design and gift store in Vancouver, some pieces for the Chali-Rosso Gallery (online store), The Gallery George (hopefully exhibiting with them in December) and some large pieces for the Art Vancouver exhibition in April 2023.

Where can we find your work?

You can find my work at Stock Home Design (Vancouver), at any outdoor Art Vancouver exhibitions and online at my website and on Instagram.