“A Day in the Life” with Vancouver-based Multidisciplinary Artist Christina Hryc

Christina Hryc is an artist from Hamilton, Ontario. She calls Vancouver, British Columbia home and has for over 5 years. After high school she entered McMaster University’s art program, making that brief she decided to start off on her own with her natural talents. By the age of 29, her artistic and philanthropic achievements included widespread LGBTQIA+ awareness and visibility, mental health advocacy and bridging her passion for nature with glitch art and mixed media. Artistic features and collaborations include the Vancouver Canucks, Vancouver Whitecaps, Herschel, Vans, VMF and many local businesses that can be spotted around the city and abroad. During the peak of Covid’s lockdown, she lent her vivid designs to boarded-up businesses for murals across the city. Christina’s career continues on into tattoo, as a resident artist as Ceepokes, working out of Vancouver’s DTES at Pour Noir since its opening day in 2020. Having travelled to 30 countries and 5 continents, if you look in the jungles of Costa Rica or in the suburbs of Chicago you will find Ceeboot’s art. An avid traveller, cook and animal lover, Christina loves spending time outdoors. Transplanted and thriving, this mural-tattoo-graphic artist has made a ripple effect in the community of artists she has chosen as a family in East Vancouver.

-Written by Jade Kovacs Kent, best friend

Christina Hryc
Mural Lucky #13, can be found at the Hastings Racecourse and Casino
Christina Hryc
Recent painting
Taken by my photographer pal Alex Lemmon
Photo by Alex Lemmon
Christina Hryc
A painting I did for the 100 Amigos Art Show
Tattoo work
A funny piece of art I made after being harassed painting murals this summer haha. It was my coping method
Mural Lucky #13, Photo by Alex Lemmon
Christina Hryc
The whitecaps logo I designed!


Which ’hood are you in?

I am situated in East Vancouver, more precisely on Commercial Drive. My studio, primarily used as a paint storage facility, is located in Chinatown, just a short walk from Pour Noir, the tattoo studio where I am employed.

What do you do?

Regarding my professional pursuits, I identify as a multidisciplinary artist with a particular focus on tattooing, street art and murals, occasionally taking on graphic design projects. I believe I infuse creativity into various facets of my life, even extending to my culinary endeavours. I have a persistent inclination to create; if time allows, I prefer to undertake tasks myself.

I am currently in my third year as a full-time artist. However, art has held a central place in my life for as long as I can remember. It represents the most enduring, challenging, and rewarding relationship I’ve maintained. I regard it as a practice that will accompany me throughout my lifetime, with no intention of parting ways anytime soon.

What are you currently working on?

At present, my creative focus revolves around striking a balance between exploring novel concepts in tattooing that allow me to incorporate my cultural heritage into my artistic expression. After returning from an extensive journey through Eastern Europe, I found myself contemplating my roots. Specifically, I grappled with the relatively recent revelation that, in addition to my Ukrainian and Polish heritage, I also have Russian ancestry, a fact concealed from me during my upbringing and only disclosed after my grandmother, Baba, passed away.

I find myself at a juncture where I am earnestly seeking ways to create art that holds deep personal meaning and authenticity, while also figuring out how to sustain myself by aligning my creative voice with my livelihood. Sometimes, the need to make ends meet can lead to projects that don’t align with one’s true artistic vision. My aim is to harmonize self-expression with financial stability.

Where can we find your work?

My artwork can be discovered in various locations around the world, as I have been fortunate enough to contribute murals to communities in the USA, South America, Central America, and South Africa. Locally, you can spot some of my mural work at the Hastings Horse Racing Track, Numbers Night Club on Davie St., inside Par-Tee Putt on Granville St., within Kiaro dispensary on Commercial Dr, and soon in the newly opening Cafe Artigiano at the corner of Robson and Beatty, to name a few.

Furthermore, I had the privilege of collaborating with the Vancouver Whitecaps for two consecutive years, designing their Pride logo. Additionally, I had the opportunity to revamp the logo for the Vancouver Canucks in 2023, specifically for the Pride game. You might still come across a few jerseys featuring my design.

For those interested in my tattoo work, it can be found on Instagram under the handle @ceepokes, while my broader artistic portfolio is showcased on Instagram at @ceeboots.

And of course on my website.


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