“A Day in the Life” with Mixed Media Artist Charlene Long

Charlene Long is a mixed-media visual artist with a delightful studio on Granville Island. Following a career in corporate marketing, teaching and interior design, she has arrived at her art practice through her travel experiences and her passion for the natural world. Recently, Charlene Long has been particularly influenced by the emotional work of the Canadian poet Pauline Johnson.

Vancouver born and raised, and largely self-taught, with her strong eye for colour, proportion and harmony, Charlene Long’s art reflects her warm, generous and down-to-earth nature, and brilliantly reflects, with compassion and imagination, the abiding beauty that surrounds us.

Charlene Long
I’m on the second floor – come and visit me at the studio. I’m always happy to have visitors
Charlene Long
When you see this sign either downstairs in the lobby or on my studio door I am in my studio creating and welcoming visitors
I make cards while waiting for paint to dry. Everything is original art – I don’t do prints
Some of my paints and tools. I have a thing for brushes but I wear them out quickly because I use so much texture in my paintings
A photo of my mom is always with me. She was the inspiration for my current series and I think if her everyday
I make a variety of “useable art”; boxes, notebooks, coasters, trays, etc
Charlene Long
Some of my paintings are currently in the studio
Charlene Long
A small sketch I used to start a painting. I even note the size I intend to make (and as you can see it’s completed😁)

Which ‘hood are you in?

I have lived in many different areas of greater Vancouver but now I live in the West End right next to Stanley Park. I don’t think I will ever leave here as I get inspired daily by the water and the trees – particularly the trees. I start my day with a coffee looking at both.

What do you do?

I work primarily in mixed media which in my case means acrylic paint with lots of texture to start with. Once I get that texture on I am committed, so I tend to plan my paintings with a small sketch to start with.

What are you currently working on?

My current series is inspired by the poems of Canadian poet Pauline Johnson. I came across her poems and was totally moved by them. A lot of artists create their paintings and then come up with a name for them. I start with a line from a poem and then I create a
painting from that.

Where can we find your work?

I have a studio on Granville Island. Upstairs at 202-1650 Duranleau. I’m at the studio at least three days a week and I welcome visitors. It’s not always the same days so if you want to pop in you can check with me by email or text – 604 230-6947 to see if I will be in.