“A Day in the Life” with Vancouver painter John Ferrie

John Ferrie has dedicated his life to painting and toils daily in his 350 East 2nd Avenue Studio.

Here, he prepares rich, gessed grounds from which spring fine glossy tendrils that form the blueprint for his whimsical creations. Working in acrylics, he nurtures his vision, applying electrifying alchemical colour combinations that evolve into organic forms and jewel-toned expressions until they blossom into fully matured paintings that celebrate their subject in kaleidoscopic brilliance.

“I can’t draw a straight line, so I don’t!”

John has the uncanny ability to take the defining straight lines in architecture and distort them into undulating organic masses, masterfully shifting our visual equilibrium while sagely balancing sweeping brushstrokes with intimate details.

John Ferrie was born and raised in Vancouver, BC and graduated from Emily Carr in 1988. The West Coast has heavily influenced his work and his hometown is recurringly celebrated in his many canvases. Gleaning daily inspirations around the city, he has become an archivist documenting the ever-changing face of a thriving Metropolis. Travel equally plays a role in his work after participating in Artist Residences abroad in Paris, Hong Kong and New York City. His daily toils have born fruit in exhibitions as far afield as Seattle, Hong Kong, Miami, New York and San Francisco. This domestic and international attention combined with local and national media exposure has landed his work in a laundry list of corporate collections. It all circles back home for John. He’s produced over 100 of his own exhibitions in Vancouver and operates his own gallery. A fresh collection of his work is shown there each spring and a hardcover book is produced in conjunction with each collection. So, if you like the farm-to-table experience, stop by John Ferrie’s studio for daily pickings.

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John Ferrie
I see my work from one end to the other. All of my canvases are custom-made. I paint, deliver and hang my works. This ensures proper installation and happy clients.
John Ferrie
Everything, and I do mean everything, starts out as a drawing. If it works as a drawing, for sure it will work as a painting.
My paintings go from 6” x 6” pieces to 26 feet x 12 feet with every size, shape and colour in between.
I love it when my paintings make a dramatic statement. Often becoming a focal point of a room.
I believe it is our responsibility as artists to give back to the community. I donate a great deal of art to numerous charities I am involved with. And I do many speaking engagements with different art groups throughout the lower mainland.
I run my own gallery space. Lately, I have been doing virtual showings which I thought would be a flop. Turns out they are a smashing success reaching new clients all over the world.
John Ferrie
Being an artist has come to define me. I live in my studio and I am the king of the multi-talker. Often painting all day, making chocolate chip cookies, curating a collection, hanging a show or meeting with clients, it’s all in a day’s work.
John Ferrie
Love to collaborate with other artists.


Which ‘hood are you in?

I live in the exclusive artist’s conclave known as Mount Pleasant, right off Main Street and near science world, 350 east 2nd avenue., where my gallery is located on the first floor and my studio on the 4th floor.

Private consultations and appointments can easily be made.

What do you do?

I am a painter by trade, a renegade cook by night. Vancouver, for the most part, is my muse.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on my upcoming show titled “Awesome 2.0”. A collection of 20 new paintings. I also am doing the cycling jersey for the 2022 California AIDS ride. I have been commissioned by the West End Community Centre to paint four large murals that I am very excited about., As well as numerous commissions and donations for the charities and non profit organizations I have been involved with for the past 30 years including my annual Vancouver Children’s Hospital Christmas Cards.

Where can we find your work?

My work can be found all over the city, in various banks, lobbies, many people’s homes, my Website and I am on Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Page and Twitter. As well as my studio at 350 east 2nd, booked by appointment at 604-376-7824.



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