Andrew Pyper’s ‘Oracle 2: The Dreamland Murders’ is as chilling as ever

Award-winning Canadian author Andrew Pyper and Vancouver actor Joshua Jackson have teamed up once more to bring the chilling supernatural story of FBI psychic Nate Russo to life in the Audible-exclusive Oracle 2: The Dreamland Murders and you won’t want to miss it. 

Courtesy of Proof Strategies.
Joshua Jackson is best known for films such as Cruel Intentions, The Skulls, and Shutter as well as the hit TV shows Dawson’s Creek and Fringe. A Vancouver local, Jackson currently spends his time between Los Angeles and Vancouver. Courtesy of Proof Strategies.

Oracle 2: The Dreamland Murders continues the story of troubled FBI psychic Nate Russo, who, voiced by Joshua Jackson, uses his unique gift of being able to see a victim’s final moments to solve their cases ideally before an abduction becomes a homicide. This time, Jackson is joined by Netflix star Humberly González and The 100’s actor Devon Bostick as Agents Fernandez and Tillman, respectively. 

And if you’re like me and thought the first book in the series was chilling enough thanks to Jackson’s captivating voice acting, Oracle 2: The Dreamland Murders ramps the experience up to a ten with theatrical sound effects alongside González and Bostick. As someone who was strictly a non-fiction reader (and listener, thanks to audiobooks) before this, it’s safe to say that Pyper’s skillful weaving of supernatural elements with a classic murder mystery has me hooked.

The best part? Oracle 2: The Dreamland Murders is currently free for Audible Premium Plus members, so there’s no reason not to join me in the unsettling adventures of Nate Russo and his terrifying antagonist, the ‘Boneman’. While the brave might suggest you tune in while alone in a dark room, Pyper shared in an earlier Q&A that his ideal listening experience would be on a long night-time drive, and I have to agree. 

Courtesy of Proof Strategies.
Andrew Pyper is an award-winning Ontario author of ten novels. His most recent novel, The Residence, is being developed as a hybrid documentary/fiction series with Discovery, with Pyper acting as Executive Producer. Courtesy of Proof Strategies.

Oracle 2: The Dreamland Murders is available now only at Audible. Click here to listen.