Lemon Curd by Chez Christophe

For this week’s recipe, Chez Christophe provided this tasty Lemon Curd recipe. Enjoy!

Lemon Curd

Lemon Curd


– Egg – 280g

– Sugar- 270g

– Lemon Juice- 180g

– Zephyr White chocolate- 85g (available on our online store)

– Butter chopped in small cube- 170g



1. Mix egg and sugar in a bowl with whisk until it is combined well.

2. Add lemon Juice to the egg mixture and mix well. Strain the mixture into a bowl and cook over bain-marie

3. Whisk the mixture until it becomes thick and check temperature. Should be 90 degrees

4. Once it is cooked, add white chocolate and chill in the fridge with saran wrap cover contact

5. Cool the mixture to 40 degrees and add room temperature butter pieces for better texture but it is fine to add after it’s cooked to 90 as well



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