“Five Minutes With” Country Singer-Songwriter Parker Graye

Parker Graye is on a mission to make country music sad again as highlighted by her signature catchphrase – “Saddies for the Baddies”. She pens songs that are vulnerable, honest and heartbreaking and is a sought-after co-writer. Parker romantically, yet authentically, shares her experiences in a way that draws listeners in deeper. Named 2023 Artist To Watch by UpStar Music, Countrypolitan Magazine, Worlds of Country, and Front Porch Music, Parker Graye has firmly planted herself in the country music scene. The Canadian singer-songwriter has just under 2 Million organic streams across all singles and platforms (Amazon Music, Apple, Spotify). From American Songwriter to, All Country News, Pickle Jar and The Nash News, Parker has been featured in over 25 publications and podcasts including being named one of the “10 Best New Canadian Country Artists” by Holler. Parker is currently promoting her own candle in partnership with All Country News and Good Scentiments to raise funds for cancer research as well as preparing for her first appearance at Boots & Hearts Country Festival in Ontario, Canada!

Parker Graye


Parker Graye





Latest Single:

“Who’s Lyin’ Here”

Latest Video: 

Favourite musician growing up:

Celine Dion

Favourite musician now:

Kelsea Ballerini (her new EP Rolling Up The Welcome Mat has me beside myself currently)

Guilty pleasure song:

Scream sing “It’s All Coming Back To Me” by Celine Dion

Live show ritual:

Fresh cup of throat coat, pace anxiously and 10 burpees before going on stage

Favourite local musician:

Luca Fogale

EP or LP?


Early bird or night owl?

Early bird! I turn into a pumpkin at like 9:30 PM

Road or studio?

Haven’t been on the road enough yet to say, so Studio for sure.

Any shows or albums coming up?

It’s been a pretty wonderful first few months of 2023, my last single, “Who’s Lyin” Here dros(pped) March 3rd. I’ve just been named iHeartRadio Future Star for March – stations featuring “Good At Gettin’ Gone”. Finally, getting ready to play my first hometown festival in August at Boots & Hearts.

Where can we follow you?

Instagram | Tiktok | Spotify | Apple Music | Amazon Music


Rapid Fire Local Questions

What is your favourite local restaurant?


What is your favourite street in your city and why?

Commercial Drive Good snacks, great coffee!

What is your favourite park in your city and why?

Pacific Spirit. Love being in the trees and just wandering around.

What is your favourite music venue in your city?

Hollywood Theatre

What is your favourite music store in your city?

TBH, I don’t have one!



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