Tragedy Plus Time: Vancouver Comedian Patti Savard

Meet Patti Savard, a sassy comedian hailing from the picturesque town of Comox on Vancouver Island. Patti’s comedic style is a vibrant celebration of queerness, infused with humour that resonates with authenticity and charm. With roots in a small community, Patti brings a unique perspective to the stage, blending the warmth of small-town familiarity with the boldness of a confident and proud queer voice. We spoke to Patti to discuss further in-depth her comedic journey.

Patti Savard

How would you describe your comedy style?

Punchy, sassy, and full of queer joy.

Who are some of your influences?

The Golden Girls and Peewee Herman

Who was your favourite comedian growing up?

Mitch Hedberg

Who is your favourite comedian now?

At the moment, I’m loving Taylor Tomlinson. She’s fast and technical.

What is your pre-show ritual?

I like to get there an hour early to get a feel for what type of people are in the crowd.

What is your favourite place you have performed? Why?

So far, the queer pride night at the Tidemark Theatre. Almost 500 queers and allies in the audience. It was pure joy.

What is your favourite bit you have written and why were you proud of it?

I have a joke about being a woman who’s had a vasectomy. I like it because it helps plant the seed that there are all different types of woman.

What is your favourite medium for listening or finding new comics/comedians?

I like to listen to audiobooks written by comedians. I really like to hear about the processes and philosophies of comedians

Tell us a joke about your city.

I live in Comox. A small community where not a lot happens. When I transitioned, some of my neighbours thought I was a new person entirely and my cousin was the “old me”. My cousin didn’t have the heart to tell them the truth and answered to my old name every time he saw them. I don’t think he enjoyed it but I sure did.

Where can we follow you?


PAY IT FORWARD: Who is another local comic/comedian we should know about?

Amber Harper Young is a good comic and kind soul.


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