“A Day In The Life” with Vancouver Author Tash McAdam

Tash McAdam is the author of young adult, mystery, speculative, and paranormal fiction. Tash grew up in Wales, where they worked in a pub and got up to mischief, until they were old enough to go adventuring out in the world, eventually making a home in Vancouver – much to Canada’s benefit.

Tash and I met at a local writer’s group nearly 8 years ago, where we quickly became best friends. Tash is an extremely helpful and dependable person – a huge source of encouragement and support for both myself and the young people that they’ve met through their work as a teacher and their mentoring with the Gender Generations Project.

Tash began writing on a dare and after several published novels, and short stories, it’s clear that there’s no stopping them now! I always find myself envious of both Tash’s wealth of ideas and also their work ethic. Tash’s published works started with the action-packed young adult series, The Psionics, and have gone on to many others, including Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selections Bloodsport, and Sink or Swim. All of Tash’s works contain thrilling adventures with diverse characters and strong non-binary and trans representation. Tash proves both in fiction and in reality, that if you can build a good support system, you can accomplish great things, even when the odds seem stacked against you.

Written by Alix Antilla – best friend

Nothing better than a staycation and a hotel robe. Photo by: Marie McMillan
Wandering the seawall is one of my favourite gray day activities. Photo by: Marie McMillan
Bullseye! I love axe throwing and archery. Photo by: Leah Tottenham
This is me and my pal Alix, who wrote my bio, celebrating my Canadian Citizenship! Hence the silly hat. Photo by: Marie McMillan
Tash McAdam
Of course, I read inside a lot as well! Over the course of the pandemic, my wife and I have really upped our home game, and it’s cozier than ever. I haven’t included any pics of my writing, because I write scrunched up in a ball pulling silly faces. Photo by: Marie McMillan
Tash McAdam
I spend a lot of time on my balcony when the weather is nice! Vancouver gives a wonderful sky and I love to watch the sunset or read during golden hour. Photo by: Marie McMillan
Tash McAdam
This is definitely the picture I would use for an album cover if my wife and I released an album (which we never would because we are Not Musical). Photo by: Sara Rogers
Tash McAdam
Boardgames and camping with friends (Lianna Teeter). This is at Big Bar Lake, which is one of my happy places. Photo by: Marie McMillan


Which neighbourhood are you in?

I’m in East Vancouver, and I love it there. My wife found a gorgeous apartment just before I moved out to join her almost a decade ago and we’ve been there since then. We have a view of the mountains, and cherry trees to drop princess blossoms on our car. Perfect!

What do you do?

As well as being a young adult fiction author, I’m an English teacher in the Vancouver area. I teach part-time so I still have time to write and pursue my other passions. I mentor a group of trans youth with a program called the Gender Generations Project, which is the absolute best! I usually teach three or four days a week depending on what else I have going on, so I can preserve time to write, etc. A lot of people don’t realize how much administration work comes with being an author!

What are you currently working on?

I’m in the process of editing my next release, a novel newly titled NO ONE LEFT BUT YOU. I’m working with the amazing team at Soho Teen to bring that to completion, for release in fall 2023. It’s a disaster teen, trans-led, dual timeline murder mystery. I’m really excited about it! We’ve just started talking about covers which is so thrilling.

I’m also working on another trans-led contemporary, this one a graffiti scavenger hunt road trip across Canada and the States, as two trans teens try to track down a missing person.

Where can we find your work?

You can find my work (at least to order in) wherever you find your books! Support your local bookstore 🙂