“A Day in the Life” with professional surf photographer Marcus Paladino

I’ve always been jealous of my little brother, Marcus Paladino. Not because for most of our childhood I was sure he was our parents’ favourite, (I’m still not entirely convinced he isn’t) but because he always knew what he wanted to be: a sports photographer. In high school, he took an interest in photography and excelled, his talent was obvious to everyone. When graduation rolled around, he planned to enroll in the Professional Photography program at North Island College. He admitted to me he was worried he wouldn’t succeed in such a competitive field. I tried to reassure him by saying if it didn’t work out, he could always be the kind of photographer who takes school photos or family portraits at the mall. My intention was to comfort him, but my words had the opposite effect, he looked absolutely horrified and declared that was no life for him. Thirteen years later and Marcus has persevered from humble beginnings shooting his friends for fun to working with some of the best surfers in the country. From making a small income shooting surf lessons to getting published in prestigious magazines and publishing a book. I’ve witnessed his style transform from action shots to incredible artistic expressions.

While I floated from job to job, Marcus Paladino never once lost sight of his dream. I’ve watched it all with overwhelming pride, never hesitating to tell anyone who will listen: That’s my baby brother and I admire him more than anyone.

-Written by Francesca Paladino (Marcus’s Sister)

Marcus Paladino
Brain freeze hits different here.
Marcus Paladino
This is me, wearing my self-proclaimed “dad jacket”. Photo: Nora Boileau Morrison
My portable studio (just kidding). This is my pre-production set-up for a shoot I did for Yeti Coolers this
Marcus Paladino
Hanna Scott and I landed the cover of SBC Surf Magazine.
Although most of my work is surf and photography-based, I have had amazing opportunities to help out
with commercial video work.
My first photo book ‘Cold Comfort’ hit shelves this past Spring. It’s been incredible putting my work into
this timeless form for people to have and share, the feedback has been fantastic and I’m extremely
grateful. (Buy it!)
Some mornings are colder than others…
Marcus Paladino
When I’m not shooting or working, I’m usually surfing. It’s not often I get to see myself on the other side of
the lens. Photo: Bryanna Bradley


Which ‘hood are you in?

Tofino, BC has been my home for the last 10 years.

What do you do?

I am a professional surf photographer.

What are you currently working on?

Currently promoting the recent release of my first coffee table style photo book titled “Cold Comfort: Surf Photography from Canada’s West Coast

Where can we find your work?

Portfolio | Prints | Instagram



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