“A Day in the Life” with Vancouver Artist and Designer Kim Rosin

Kim Rosin has a deep passion and curiosity for the world around her. She observes acutely and always tries to find an interesting perspective. This is revealed in her art – both in the eclectic subject matter she chooses which always is something meaningful to her, and in the way she paints, thoughtfully mixing her colours on the brush, sometimes achieving multiple colour combinations in one stroke. Kim most often paints on a black background. This gives a unique style to her work and makes her subjects pop out of her canvas and engage the viewer. She paints whatever inspires her at the moment: from landscapes, she has seen herself, to portraits of people she cares about. She enjoys painting commissions, many of animals, always familiarizing herself with her subject to convey a solid connection. Kim’s Art History background and previous experiences living and working in London at Sotheby’s and some illustrious interior and architecture design firms have been a rich foundation from which she has formulated her signature style. Kim also chronicles her daily life in quick watercolour sketches, using her muse, her border terrier Hugo, as her hero. She posts these frequently on her Instagram.

Kim Rosin
This encapsulates my life. This is the beach down my road and that is my dog and muse, Hugo, observing life on the beach. Everything about this picture was significant to me and serves as a record of my life in this place at this time.
Kim Rosin
My happy place.
I’ve been painting on a smaller scale recently. These are all meaningful scenes I’ve seen, except for the top left painting of a man feeding his dog a scrap which is a study after Daumier.
I try and keep my paint box vaguely colour-sorted. I paint with acrylics and oils. I love them both but they require totally different mindsets. Photo by: Ben Bloom
Kim Rosin
I love the light in my studio and I always feel like I’m on an observation platform, in amongst the trees, looking down at the street, observing the goings on in the neighbourhood. Photo by: Ben Bloom
Kim Rosin
A detail of a painting of Hugo asleep in his basket. Photo by: Ben Bloom
Touching up on details. Photo by: Ben Bloom
Me in my living room with three of my paintings. Photo by: Ben Bloom


Which ‘hood are you in?

I live in Eagle Harbour, West Vancouver. My studio is in a sunroom in the house.

What do you do?

I’m an artist/designer.

What are you currently working on?

Every day I walk past the same beach with my dog, Hugo. I love seeing the character of the beach change endlessly with different groups of people, different lights, seasons, and different activities taking place. I love painting these scenes I see: kids playing on rocks, people chatting, paddleboarding, kayaking, swimming, young ones exploring, and dogs swimming. So much going on. I have more ideas for paintings than I have time to paint at the moment.

Where can we find your work?

My latest work can be seen on my website or Instagram.