“A Day in The Life” with Fibre Sculptor Diane Roy

The artwork of Diane Roy is a haunting tribute to the sea. The natural world and her concern for environmental issues have always been a source of inspiration. She uses ancient techniques such as crocheting, weaving, knotting, and stitching to create sculptures, hangings and wall reliefs that evoke imagery of marine life.

In her early work, she uses natural white cotton crocheted sequences to create coral-like forms and textures. She also knots and twists darker more worn sculptures, which are made of used commercial fishing nets; to start a dialogue on the harm caused by modern fishing practices.

In her latest work, she introduces colour and focuses heavily on sustainability by hand-making and transforming all of her materials from discarded plastics and other upcycled products. It is important for her to promote the idea of reusing in the process of making art and to continue raising awareness for our ecosystems.

The key aspect of her practice is merging traditional craft into the field of fine art and sculpture while continuing to focus on her personal quest for sustainability.

She has participated in many local exhibitions, across Canada as well as internationally.

Written by Vanessa Laurence

Diane Roy
I am currently working on a large-scale whale project for an upcoming exhibition at the Surrey Art Gallery. The blue whale, the largest mammal that has ever existed on Earth, is endangered.
Diane Roy
I love to discover the world, other cultures and nature!
Diane Roy
Two other fields of interest are gardening and landscaping. This is the little Oasis that I created at home.
A piece that I used to have on display at the Vancouver International Airport, in a long-term loan program.
A previous exhibition that I participated in at the Roundhouse Gallery, in Vancouver, B.C
“Curtain of Death” was made with recycled fishing nets and it is a reference to the destructive commercial fishing practice, which poses a great threat to our oceans.
A past exhibition called “Aquazone”, where black and white symbolizes life and death and emphasizes the necessity of protecting our environment.
Diane Roy
My intention with this piece is to bring attention to our planet’s most essential creatures. I believe that we can truly prosper when we are connected to a healthy community. A similar project “Honeycomb” was commissioned through a public art program by Vancity.


Which hood are you in?

I live in Surrey, B.C.

What do you do?

I keep very busy with my art and love to garden and travel

What are you currently working on?

A life-sized blue whale head, that will measure 20’L x 10’H for an upcoming exhibition at the Surrey Art Gallery.

Where can we find your work?

Through my website and on Facebook. My work will also be on display at my upcoming summer exhibition at the Surrey Art Gallery, which will take place from June 25- Sept 03, 2023.

My “ Honeycomb wall “ can be seen at the Vancity branch on Scott Rd & 72 Ave in Surrey, B.C. I also occasionally participate in the long-term loan display at the Vancouver International Airport. Any future exhibitions will be updated on my website and Facebook page.



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