“A Day in the Life” with Animator and Artist Bahram Javahery

Bahram Javahery, an animator and former art professor by trade, is interested in many art specialities. Most days, Bahram can be found in his studio painting, sculpting, graphic designing, or tinkering with handmade crafts, pottery, carpentry, jewelry and metalwork. Since coming to Canada from Iran in 2001, there have been seven exhibitions displaying the various mediums of art he uses.

Bahram has a knack for handy work and often takes a creative approach to carpentry and repairs. He recently beautifully renovated the basement of our family home using only second-hand materials that would have otherwise been thrown out. As his daughter, I often tell friends and family that my father has an eye for finding beauty in garbage.

When not in the studio or busy serving as his family and friends’ handyman, Bahram can be found outside in nature. He greatly appreciates the beauty of Canada’s wild places and enjoys doing activities in nature like swimming, kayaking and bushcraft. He is never one to leave the house without his camera. He loves taking nature photos and collecting natural items, such as dried-up bark or driftwood, to incorporate into his art.

I’m very proud of Bahram’s latest film, Two Apples, which is currently screening at film festivals across Canada and will have its hometown premiere at the 2023 Vancouver International Film Festival on October 7.

-Written by Sana Javahery, Inspector of Mines, BC Public Service

Bahram Javahery
Behind the scenes of my 1986 film, Safety Pin’s City, a short animation.
Bahram Javahery
Behind the scenes of my eight-part animated feature, Adventures of Mash Ghorban and His Cow, in 1990.
Behind the scenes of my 2001 animated short, The Flower, the Bird and the Sun.
With the Window Horses team at the 2016 Vancouver International Film Festival.
Behind the scenes of Two Apples, showcasing the film’s storyboard on the pin wall at the NFB’s BC & Yukon Studio in Vancouver.
Behind the scenes of Two Apples, working on the character designs.
Bahram Javahery
Designs for music concerts in Vancouver.
Bahram Javahery
My wife and I proudly attending my daughter’s graduation.


Which ‘hood do you live in?

I live in Westwood Plateau, Coquitlam.

What do you do?

I am an artist.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on a script for my next project. I’m also delighted to present my new film, Two Apples, at film festivals in Canada and around the world this fall, after working on it for seven years.

Where can we find your work?

Art: my website

Film: Check out the National Film Board of Canada for updates about Two Apples. The film will eventually be made available for free streaming across Canada.


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