“A Day In The Life” with Painter and Photographer Arleigh Wood

Arleigh Wood is a landscape painter and photographer who is inspired by the wonders of nature. She gathers images and impressions on her travels around the world and around her neighbourhood; the journey continues onto her canvas. An experience with Icelandic icebergs becomes a geometric splash of vivid colour and form, conveying the surreal majesty and travesty of a melting ice cap. An immersion into her Japanese heritage leads to enchanting experiments with brushstrokes and woodblocks. A simple walk with her children near her home in North Vancouver, surrounded by rushing waters and towering trees, becomes a shimmering contemplation of love and legacy.

Emotional intuition is one of Arleigh’s superpowers. It is a hallmark of her work and her relationships, connecting the artist and her audience in a heartfelt way. For family and friends, she is the go-to for life advice and the life of every dance party. Her creativity goes beyond the fine arts, manifesting itself in the most memorable of costumes and party personas. As a wife and mother, she juggles her artistic expression with familial expectations. But as she seeks out life’s beauty and balance, she sees what’s real and helps us realize it for ourselves.

Written by Susan K Neale – friend

Arleigh Wood
Hanging out in the sunshine with one of my Geometrics paintings outside of my 1000 Parker St. studio. Having a peek at the ever-changing array of graffiti covering the building is my favourite way to start the day.
Reading about glaciers and collaging my photographs from Iceland and geometrics shapes.
Arleigh Wood
Putting together a mixed media mural with framed prints, ink paintings and sculptural houses from the Many Ways Home series.
I love designing modern colourful spaces. This one features some limited edition Geometrics prints.
Spending a few amazing days at the Globe Series convention in Vancouver discussing environmental issues like climate change with some amazing innovators and educators. My work speaks to ideas of home – where we feel at home, how the landscape around us creates a home, the body as home, the spirit as home,  childhood memories of home and displacement from home. On a larger scale, these works relate to the climate crisis and the realization that the earth is home and the emotions that surround witnessing its deterioration.
Assembling a collection of newly completed Geometric paintings.
Arleigh Wood
There’s no better way to end a day than skiing on the majestic mountains at Whistler with your friends who also like onesies 🙂
Arleigh Wood
Experimenting with new materials and enjoying the afternoon light in the studio


Which ‘hood are you in?

My studio is in an industrial area in East Vancouver and my home is near the mountains and trails of North Vancouver.

What do you do?

I am a painter, photographer & nature lover who makes colourful and gestural artwork that honours the fragile beauty of our home on earth

What are you currently working on?

I am working on a mural for the Vancouver Mural Festival at the Royal Centre in downtown Vancouver. In addition to this, I am creating a new series of Geometrics paintings for a show in July.

Where can we find your work?

You can book a studio appointment to see my work in person at my 1000 Parker St studio 604-809-1661 or art@arleighwood.com

You can also check out my website and Instagram to see recent projects and available work.

I also have work at the Vancouver Art Gallery Rentals and Sales Program and at Art Interiors in Toronto.