Old Photographs of Churches in Vancouver (Gallery)

When going to a new city, or being a tourist in your own hometown, churches are always something worthwhile to put on your sightseeing bucket list. Churches of every possible domination are a part of the cultural and community character of Vancouver, that sadly includes a darker history with mission churches tied to residential schools.

Vancouver Churches
1899-Exterior of First Presbyterian Church at Gore Avenue and Hasting Street

As a kid I never went to church, but always loved when movies and TV showed city churches open at night, where you could go in and light a candle, and find a peaceful sanctuary. With some churches losing congregations, if they are not torn down, churches have been repurposed as luxury condominiums, or housing, it’s hard to know how permanent a churches history will be. For people that don’t believe in what is taught in the church, the buildings are cool to check out, to vibe on a different frequency of peace and silence, and to admire different styes of architecture.

1899-Exterior of St. Paul’s Church on Jervis Street

The Vancouver Archives are full of fascinating churches from rough hewn ones that look like they were build by hand, to ones with simple A frame structures and crosses, some that look vaguely haunted, to ornate downtown show stoppers. How many Vancouver churches have you visited?

For more old photographs be sure to check out the Vancouver Archives.

Vancouver Churches
1900-Homer Street Methodist Church
Vancouver Churches
1901-Church of our Lady of the Holy Rosary, Dunsmuir Street
1905-First Congregational Church 500 Georgia Street – the church was built in 1899 and torn down in 1910.
1908-Melrose Abbey
Vancouver Churches
1908-Robson Memorial Methodist Church, Flett Road
1908-Robson Memorial Methodist Church
1912-Mountain View Methodist Church
Vancouver Churches
1918-Cathedral at Kingston
1920-First Baptist Church
1927-Calvary Baptist Church at 22nd Avenue and Lillooet Street
1927-Shelton Memorial Christian Church
1931-First United Church, Gore and Hastings Street
1933-Interior of St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church on Burrard Street at Nelson Street
1936-Unidentified Church
1940s-Southlands chapel
1945-City Churches
Vancouver Churches
1950-Vancouver Heights United
Vancouver Churches
1972-St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church, 1012 Nelson Street
May 1974- 400 Dunsmuir Street south side
Jan. 1975- Christian City Church at 85 East10th Avenue
Jan. 1976-Mount Pleasant Baptist Church at 2600 Quebec Street
Vancouver Churches
1978-St. Margaret’s Church, E. Georgia and Windermere
Vancouver Churches
1985- 1791-1795 Napier Street


To check out the Vancouver Archives and their incredible gallery of old photographs and documents, visit their website HERE.


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