Tragedy Plus Time: Vancouver Comedian Cassidy Furman

Cassidy Furman is a Vancouver-based comedian who was inspired by classic episodes of SNL – so funny that they motivated her to start her own career as a comedian. Relatively new to the growing comedy scene in the city, Cassidy’s routines fit the mould of the classic trope of poking fun at oneself which never fail to deliver a hysterical performance. We interviewed Cassidy in order to learn more about what opportunities she’s been presented with since starting her journey in stand-up.

Cassidy Furman

How would you describe your comedy style?

Sometimes dark and dirty, and very anecdotal. I’m sure my style will continue to grow and change the more I do comedy, but currently, I draw a lot of my inspiration for material from the strange or bizarre things I’ve experienced in my life thus far.

Who are some of your influences?

I fell in love with comedy after religiously watching the Kristin Wiig/Bill Hader/Mia, Amy, and Tina era(s) of SNL, and the SCTV crew, particularly Catherine O’Hara. I don’t know that I have any stand-up comics I would consciously consider “influences”, but I think that’s also because stand-up is still quite new to me. I watched some growing up, and I definitely watch more now, but I often feel like I’m learning about all aspects of it as I go. What I like about doing it, who I like to watch, and different styles of writing and performing – I’m becoming a fan through my own practice. And aside from sometimes feeling like I can’t keep up when other comics reference well-known comedians or their jokes, it’s quite fun to be consistently discovering more about every element of comedy, and finding so many new comedians to admire.

Who is your favourite comedian now?

Michelle Wolf and Julie Kim.

What is your pre-show ritual?

Putting my headphones on while I’m walking to a show and listening to my favourite women rappers.

What is your favourite place you have performed? Why?

I love the MOTN, Jokes Please, and Don’t Tell Vancouver – honestly though, anytime/anywhere I get to perform, I’m thrilled. Every time I get onstage, it’s an opportunity to try and make someone laugh, which I’m grateful for. Sounds sappy (and I’m sure if you talk to me after a particularly bad open mic I might share a different sentiment) but comedy is my favourite thing to do, so I’m usually pretty ecstatic anytime someone hands me a microphone, regardless of the venue.

What is your favourite bit you have written and why were you proud of it?

I have a joke about giving birth to bald men that’s probably one of the weirdest jokes I have. I’m pretty proud of that one because I feel like it’s a joke that only I would think of, straight out of the bowels of my brain.

What is your favourite medium for listening or finding new comics/comedians?

I tend to find new comics through going to shows, or seeing Reels/TikToks of comedians and searching for more of their work through social media. There are so many great albums on Spotify/Apple Music to check out too!

Tell us a joke about your city.

I love living in Vancouver because it’s such a clean, nature-loving city. My favourite thing to do in Vancouver is walking down the street after a good rainfall and inhale that sweet, crisp smell of urine. Vancouver really is Canada’s WAP (That’s a wet ass province).

Do you have anything to promote right now?

I’m usually performing at various shows across the city, so if you’re interested in catching one of my sets you can follow me on Instagram for updates and show dates!

Where can we follow you?


PAY IT FORWARD: Who is another local comic/comedian we should know about?

Danika Thibault, Niki Mohrdar, Amy Walsh, Aaron Campbell and Will Corry are all hilarious local comedians I would recommend checking out!



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