Buddy Guy the cat is looking for a new home in the Vancouver area

Buddy Guy enjoys attention and affection, often expressing this through rubbing and purring. He loves to play with string and springy wand toys, will run after you up and down the stairs to play and chase toys, loves to scrabble through a tunnel, and climbs up to the top of the tall cat tree to nap. He also has amazing beside manners. Enjoying sleeping in the same room as you in his own bed and does not wake you up in the morning. He likes being picked up and carried around a bit as he is not much of a jumper. Loves to sit in a window that’s open enough for him to smell the sights.

We have recently learned from the foster that he is doing very well with harness training and has been practising walking around the house with his harness and leash on.

Buddy Guy is open to socialization, and it’s recommended to introduce new people and environments gradually. Starting in a single room with a single person and gradually expanding his comfort zone will be beneficial for his adjustment.

He is on medication for anxiety-based behavioural issues and has shown improvement. He loves getting his medications daily in Churu. Any future medication adjustments should be discussed with the veterinarian to ensure the best fit for his well-being.

Notably, Buddy Guy has shown positive progress in his behaviour. He hasn’t scratched in some time, and he is gradually becoming more comfortable sitting next to or on his human companions, displaying a sweet and affectionate side. He is learning to trust again.

It’s important to note that he may display certain cues, such as light scratching or biting when intentionally communicating he has had enough. Understanding and respecting these cues will contribute to positive interactions.

While Buddy Guy has formed a strong connection with his foster, he would likely adapt and form connections with other individuals over time. Patience, consistency, and a loving environment will be key factors in his continued growth.

In summary, Buddy Guy is a lovable and charming cat seeking a patient and understanding adopter who appreciates his unique personality. With the right environment and care, he has the potential to blossom into an even more affectionate and content companion. If you are looking for a feline friend with character and charm, consider welcoming Buddy Guy into your heart and home.

Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy

Age: 6 years old

Breed: Domestic Medium Hair

Colour: Black / White

Weight: 8.2 kg

Sex: Male

Location: BC SPCA Vancouver, Vancouver B.C.

If you believe you can provide a furever home to this cute pet, please fill out an application through the SPCA website today!

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