“A Day In The Life” with Artist and Sculptor Parvaneh Roudgar

Parvaneh Roudgar is the most amazing “born to be” artist that graces the Canadian city of Vancouver. She provides the energy behind her art that inspires friends, students, and peers from all cultural backgrounds to pick up a piece of clay and form into it: emotions, history, happiness, sadness…. elements from within one’s person. Parvaneh creates an output that has first-time tryers believe, they too were born to be an artist.

You can’t help but get sucked into her world of creativity that leaves behind all the real-time struggles of schedules, financials, communications, work etc. When you are with Parvaneh, you are now and you are then and what is in front of you is what is important. This is Parvaneh’s secret to be able to sculpt the liveliest geometry and figures that describe to you visually, which words don’t stand a chance of portraying. In Parvaneh’s works the power of the lines that draw the human figures can at times communicate the suffering, and the pain, without failing to keep the aesthetic dimension of the images. Anyone who takes the time to spend a moment with Parvaneh will realize some people are just born to do something.

Parvaneh exhibited her works in many different countries in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia and has been the recipient of numerous prizes and commissions. Having lived in Canada for the last 23 years, Parvaneh has worked within different cultures, and this co-mingling of traditions is poignantly evocative within her different work styles.

-Written by Simon de Jong, son in law

Parvaneh Roudgar
“Mother and Child” after being installed in Inlet Skytrain in Port Moody
Parvaneh Roudgar
This is me working on the “Mother and Child” on a Bike sculpture
Parvaneh Roudgar
This is me with the installation crew for the Sculpture by the Sea installing the Migration
This is me sitting on my artwork stainless Bench in my front yard
“Mother and Child” sculpture in polyurethane and the fabricated bike
“First Step” in my backyard garden
“Space in Harmony”
Parvaneh Roudgar
“Space in Harmony” displayed in the True Colour Art Gallery in North Vancouver


Which ’hood are you in?

I have a clay studio in the backyard of my garden in Port Moody where I work on my projects and have my sculpture classes. I am very connected with nature and fortunate because I have a lovely garden. Working in my garden has a strong effect on me and has a very positive influence on my creativity.

What do you do?

I’m a sculptor. I moved to Italy, Florence in 1986 with my family. The glory and greatness of the Renaissance-era sculptures in Florence had a strong effect on me and opened a new window in my life. From that time I understood that art is a big part of my life and decided to dedicate myself to it. However, I always think that in return, the things that art has taught me and the world that art has introduced to me are much more valuable than what I could do in my artistic life.

With art, I came to know my true self through my strengths and weaknesses. When I work I must be honest with my nature in order to be creative and original. I think that life is like a river flowing. Every time I wash my hands in this river I have different feelings due to the ever-changing motion of its waters. Every work I make is an expression of these feelings. I feel happy within myself when I acknowledge and accept the changing nature of my thought and feelings and witness the flow of my river of life.

What are you currently working on?

I am in the final stage of completing a project with Centred Developments for the 21 Horizon highrise in Coquitlam. The art project is a four meters metal sculpture that will be located at the entrance of this building. I am also working on my digital projects. It is very fun for me to combine or change and play with the images of my sculptures and create a new design printed on canvas.

Where can we find your work?

Some of my latest works are:

– My sculpture “Migration” was installed permanently in the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast, Australia.
– My work “Mother and Child” was commissioned and permanently installed in the Inlet Skytrain Station in Port Moody as part of the city’s Evergreen Project.
– My work “Horse” is part of the collection of the Salsali museum in Dubai.

You can also visit my website, and follow me on Instagram and Facebook.



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