“A Day in the Life” with Set and Props Designer Emerenne Saefkow

There’s a story I always like to tell when I think about the talent and creativity of Emerenne Saefkow. It was half a decade ago and our high school theatre program was doing the musical Chicago. The set required a red brick arch and teenage Emerenne painted that arch, brick by brick. The painstaking detail they put into every brick still astounds me to this day. It’s such a small blip in the grand scheme, but to this day it still fills me with wonder.

Since then, they’ve taken on creative projects, both personal and professional, for their entire life. Paintings, theatre design, props, scenic paint, doodles, the list goes on. For Emerenne, creating lives so close to being that they may as well be one and the same.

Eventually, Emerenne would go to Studio 58, because if something so vital to their living, could also make them a living… Well, that seems high on the list of “good reasons to choose a career.” They used this schooling as a chance to hone their craft and refine their creative process. Upon leaving they’ve brought that spark, their creativity and their talent into the professional theatre scene and continue to make impactful, memorable work filled with wonder. Day by day, brick by brick.”

-Written by Ethan DeHoog, Actor

Emerenne Saekfkow
Kevin MacDonald (Technical Director, Studio 58) and I on the set of The Tempest.
Emerenne Saekfkow
Painting the set for Green Thumb Theatre’s The Mixolydian, at Great Northern Way Scene Shop.
The completed set for The Mixolydian in the rehearsal hall.
One of my favourite props I’ve ever made. Cavatica the spider was the first (but certainly not last!) puppet I’ve ever made.
One of my greatest inspirations is where I grew up in Telkwa, BC. This is just one spot of many beautiful places in the Bulkley Valley and holds a lot of memories for me.
Emerenne Saekfkow
My at-home studio space where all, or at least most of, the magic happens.
Emerenne Saekfkow
Blue Lakes trail hike, up near Hazelton, BC. One of many hikes I went on during COVID. You can’t tell from the photo, but I have one of the worst migraines I’ve ever had in this picture.


Which ’hood are you in?

You will mostly see me in my forest green hood(ie), however, when I’m working on a messy prop, or painting something, I have a wonderful sky-blue hood(ie) that’s covered in paint and glue.

What do you do?

I am a theatre and visual artist who mostly works as a set/props designer and scenic painter. I am also a carpenter’s helper and scenic painter at the Great Northern Way Scene Shop. I absolutely love building and creating objects and spaces that Inspire others and provide a sense of whimsy in their lives.

What are you currently working on?

Recently, I finished up a set/props/paint design for Green Thumb Theatre’s The Mixolydian and I’m currently working on a set/props/paint design for Studio 58’s upcoming production of The Tempest.

Where can we find your work?

You can find images of my work on my website.


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