“A Day in the Life” with Vancouver Visual Artist Alex Dewar

Alex Dewar has always been an artist, from the spunky, colourful-haired kid who sewed her own clothes, to the deep-thinking painter who spends countless late-night hours in front of the canvas. Graphic design was a natural next step for a kid who loved to create and longed to better understand the world around her. Whether she’s listening intently to a friend over coffee, or asking a brand deep questions about their purpose, she brings the same attention, care, and imagination to every interaction. Outside of design, Alex finds solace and inspiration in the natural world, engaging in activities like bouldering, hiking, biking, kayaking, and snowboarding. Committed to an ethical lifestyle, she eagerly welcomes projects centred on social and environmental initiatives, and proudly champions the 2LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, Black, and Indigenous communities in both her professional and personal life. She lives by this quote from the great artist Evelyn Dunbar, “It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light.”

Alex Dewar
Hiking up to Elfin lakes for an overnight camping trip. I love hiking and spending time outdoors.
Alex Dewar
Flying to San Diego for my first solo “remote work” trip. I spend quite a bit of my year travelling/working remotely and find a lot of my inspiration and joy from my time abroad.
A beautiful view from my tent midway through a 10-day hike through Strathcona Park on Vancouver Island.
Kayaking around the Sunshine Coast.
Working remotely from Malta. I made a friend there who was also working remotely.
Working with a close friend and colleague. I work part-time as the senior designer at Brandcamp Digital Marketing.
Alex Dewar
Working remotely from a cruise to Alaska! SO magical seeing whales jump in the background while creating art.
Alex Dewar
Me in my purest form. Colourful and creative.


Which ‘hood are you in?

East Van! I love living and working around Commercial Drive. I work from home, so I find it incredibly inspiring to walk outside and take in the culture and vibe that The Drive has to offer. There’s always art to see, music to hear, and flowers (or rain) to smell. It’s such a great community of artists and like-minded folks. I’ve participated in many art events and expos over the years, and hope to participate in the East Side Culture Crawl someday!

What do you do?

I work full-time as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. I also love to paint. I’ve been finding a lot of success merging my skills in traditional art (sketching, painting, composition..) with my career in the digital art realm. I feel incredibly lucky to have a full-time creative career. Growing up this path didn’t seem possible, but as technology has advanced, so many fields with artistic possibilities have opened up and continue to find their way into the mainstream business realm.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a design for the Westin Bayshore’s beehives! The Westin hosts a lovely bee education program in their garden, so I’ll be designing and painting the hives for the bees to move into in the spring. The concept will be designing the hives to look like a “Bee Hotel” reminiscent of their buildings and grounds. The Westin is right along the Seawall so I encourage you to bike or walk by this summer and check out the hives and my work. 🙂

Where can we find your work?

Website | Instagram | Facebook


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