“A Day in the Life” with Actor and Writer Adam Fox

Adam Fox is as industrious as his character, Bud, in the recently released Sugar Highs, a comedic sit-com available on OUTtv, where Adam stars in his first lead role. Mimicking the landscape where he grew up, Adam’s life has been a series of goals like mountains that he desperately wanted to climb and surmount. This started with tennis, with Adam practicing 10+ hours per week, and competing in tournaments through much of his youth. From there, academic goals trumped athleticism, and he forged his way to Montreal to attend the prestigious McGill University. Quickly, he pivoted, taking a break from academia to begin travelling. Adam identifies as not a tourist, but a traveller, and his curiosity for new countries has taken him around the world, totaling 26 countries! Upon returning to Vancouver, Adam made the big decision to move out east again to study acting at NYU. Studying in New York presented many new challenges for Adam, but, as always, he met them head on. During his time in New York he wrote, directed, produced and starred in his first short film, StillGotIt?!. With the success of his breakout project, Adam has continued to explore his creativity and is developing a television series called The Sisterhood of the Travelling Wigs. Naturally creative, dedicated and talented, Adam continues to push himself creatively with his writing and acting.

-Written by Rebekah Chotem, sister

Adam Fox
Taping an Audition while in a rustic guest house in Yelapa, Mexico, with no walls
Adam Fox
A little remote work, doing some content writing by the pool in Puerto Vallarta
Behind the scenes of Sugar Highs with co-stars Samuel Davison and Joey Beni
Doing an icy hike up to the First Peak of Seymour Mountain with a friend
Picture wrap on Season 2 of Sugar Highs, with co-star Jeremy Smith, and writerdirector, Thom Fitzgerald
Taking my sister for a belated birthday pedicure and fun day together
Adam Fox
Updating my demo reel in LA with fellow NYU alum, Luke Carvahlo Peterson
Adam Fox
Vacationing in Mexico after filming


Which ’hood are you in?

Downtown Vancouver, bordering on the West End, BC.

What do you do?

I’m an actor and a writer. It’s a life that oscillates between utter calmness when things are slow and sheer adrenaline when things are busy, and you learn to embrace both.

What are you currently working on?

Currently, I star on the OUTtv original sit-com “Sugar Highs” where I play Bud, a series lead. When I’m not filming, I’m either promoting the show, auditioning, or working on developing my upcoming series ‘The Sisterhood of the Traveling Wigs.’

Where can we find your work?

You can watch Sugar Highs on OUTtv, or the OUTtv add-on available on Amazon Prime, Roku, AppleTV, as well as internationally through OUTtv’s partners. I am on Instagram and Twitter and I plan to start distributing my short film “StillGotIt!?” on a streaming platform ASAP, which has just finished the festival cycle, stay tuned!



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