Are No Deposit Bonuses Worth the Hype?

At face value, no deposit bonuses seem to be the best option. All you need to do to get the bonus is to create an account and claim the bonus. However, there’s more to online casino bonuses than meets the eye. Essentially, online casinos offer welcome bonuses to entice players to join the site. And a no-deposit bonus is, by all means, the best route to take, don’t you agree?

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But the issue here is not the credibility of the deal but the value. After all, we all play to make some money apart from killing some time. However, the no-deposit bonus is more of a “get but can’t use.” And that’s not how a bonus should work. So, what’s the fuss about no-deposit bonuses?

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

No-deposit bonuses are a promotion offered by online gambling platforms to new players on the site. From the title, this bonus doesn’t require players to deposit funds to receive the bonus. Instead, you only need to create an account and claim the bonus. Sometimes, the casino may require you to input a specific code.

However, these bonuses are often small and may come as free spins or bonus funds. For the former, sites offer up to 20 spins on a specific slot game. As for the bonus funds, operators tend to offer a maximum of $20 or $50. However, you can find a few top-rated sites offering even more. Once you claim the offer, you can immediately use the bonus to play without depositing funds.

Restrictive Terms and Conditions

No deposit and online casino bonuses at large come with several strings attached. One of the most common conditions is the wagering requirement. Also known as playthrough or rollover, a wagering requirement is a condition set by online gambling platforms where players must wager their bonus amounts multiple times.

That means you cannot place a bet on any game and walk away expecting to withdraw your winnings just like that. So, if you receive a $100 bonus and the casino sets a 30x wagering requirement, you must wager $3,000. From this explanation, you can see that a high wagering requirement means you’re unlikely to turn your money into withdrawable winnings.

The industry standard is set at 30x. However, some sites go as high as 80x or even 100x. Compound this with the fact that most no-deposit bonuses are usually low; you will 100% run out of funds before you can wager this bonus.

Game restrictions are another common condition set by Canadian operators to shield themselves. So, how does this term work? As the name suggests, you cannot play certain games using the bonus funds. Some may offer partial restrictions because the games will not contribute to the rollover.

But why would an operator restrict players from using the bonus funds in certain games? Bonuses are rarely meant to line your pockets. The reverse is true. You can win if you use funds to play jackpot games or blackjack/roulette titles with low house edges. And that’s because there’s a strategy you can follow to make money. There’s no way a casino will just dish out money knowing it will lose.

Wait for Luck to Strike

It might sound silly and reckless to propose such a move. But the truth is no strategy will lead you to guaranteed success when using no-deposit bonuses. The high playthrough requirements, game restrictions, and maximum bet limits are designed to ensure you walk away with the least profits possible.

As a result, you can only rely on luck to meet these requirements. Besides, even your playing style will be limited by the terms and conditions. For instance, you cannot place a massive bet amount because there’s a ceiling on the max bet. On the other hand, it would also be a reckless move. But with a bonus that doesn’t impose such a restriction, it presents an opportunity to take such a risk without fearing losses. Besides, you didn’t spend your money.

Should You Go for No-Deposit Bonuses?

The truth is the devil is in the details. No-deposit bonuses are appealing to the eye at a glance. That’s because you don’t spend your money, yet the casino offers something to kickstart your adventure. This is a good deal for a casual gambler because it allows you to explore different games, albeit limited.

But if you’re in it to make profits and eventually cash out, you must dig into your pocket to meet the wagering requirements. Otherwise, you will have to rely on luck to strike big wins.

Having said that, there are better bonuses and promotions in British Columbia you can claim. Deposit matches, free spins, and free bets are some of the better options you can consider if you’re more inclined to profit. But for a casual or newly-registered player, getting around the casino’s a good deal.